No Turning Back


Bought my plane ticket to India! Going to Mysore. Wow, its really coming together. It hasn't sinked in that I will be on the other side of the world in less than a month. Gotta lot to do before then...but, I'm excited...I am excited to go on this adventure on my own. Its a big step for me.
I found out that Sharath will be primarily teaching at AYRI while Guruji is taking rest. So the shala will be open as of May 3rd. If anything...if I get only one chance to tell Guruji "thank you..." I will be eternally grateful. The practice...has forever changed my life and to say "thank you" would feel as if I have come full circle...Because early on when I started practicing Ashtanga Yoga I just knew I would make it to India someday...which I am sure many students feel that way.
So...3 months in India...I have never traveled some where and stayed for that long...besides going to college of course. It will be the perfect amount of time to settle in...get into a rhythm. I'm ready. I am finally ready to go forth and be happy, be free.

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