Je Ne Sais Quoi


Je Ne Sais Quoi...I absolutely love the essence of this saying...Heck, I love saying it. You know it when you see it. The way someone holds themselves...The way they move, laugh, talk...Many times we think its the clothes that they wear...But its not. It is literally someone who knows themselves and knows how to work what they got. I love that. I love it when I see it in someone. It inspires me to move forward and work what I got too. Its funny...Because you can't get there by copying someone else either. Believe me I have tried...In my earlier years...It doesn't work...Never does. When we tap into our own desires, when we do good things for our body, mind and soul...Of course yoga is excellent for that...We too can reach a state of Je Ne Sais Quoi. Oh, and it is so beautiful...When we start living our life by our own standards and no one else's.
Especially after just turning 30 I have had to re-access...Why am I doing this?...Why am I in this relationship? So many things have gotten stuck in my head somehow because of conditioned thinking of how things should go in life. I mean who knows where it comes from exactly...parents, television, magazines, friends, relatives, teachers? Who knows. Finally, I have had a chance to ask...What do I want out of life? Its no wonder why I had became so exhausted by my 30th birthday...So depleted. Because, I wasn't living my dream...It was someone else's dream. So after many pieces being blown apart...I have slowly started to put them together. But, I am still choosing to leave some of those pieces unknown...Because those are for the universe to decide. Which is nice. For the first time in a long time...I feel good in my own skin. This is a big step for me. Peace.

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