No Drama


My blog posts have mostly been reflective because...Quite frankly, there has been no drama. Nada...Nothing...I mean, its been nice. I can see how we can get caught up...Or even addicted to the constant "reactions" that take place in our minds. I haven't felt this type of peace in a long time. Come to think of it...I am not sure if I ever have. Even my childhood was filled with an abundance of ups and downs...and my teen years and 20s...Let's not even go there!!!
Its so funny how in just a few weeks I'll be traveling to India for the very first time, but It hasn't been consuming my mind, because I have been really enjoying life...My simple life, right now. Sounds so exciting right! Most nights I am at home reading, playing with my kittens, or just sitting around...Maybe cleaning. Who knows...Maybe its the calm before the storm...Or the calm before the calm, before...I guess its pointless to forecast...Because right now is all we have. Gosh! I never really got it before...and finally its making sense. At least enough sense that I can grasp at the moment...but wow...I'm in awe with it all. I probably sound so hokey, but when you come out of some of the inner turmoil I was living for so long...Its like I'm taking a breath for the first time, and I can't get enough of it!
The World is really what we make it. Just be. Be the love, the peace, the joy...and it will surround you like a moth to a flame. Its true.

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