I have really gotten used to life in Mysore...this being my third month here...and I must say my practice has come together unexpectedly...3rd month flying...and there is no better feeling than that...well...I could maybe think of a few things that would rank pretty high up on the list...but I'm sure you get my drift. This morning Sharath added two more postures...so my practice is becoming progressively longer. I really feel he has taken me on more as a student...as I have taken him on as a teacher...and I'm finally getting it. At first, I felt mystified and a bit intimidated by Sharath...but now I have come to know a softness to him...and a sweetness too, and its absolutely lovely...I must say. This practice is already challenging enough as it is...and his demeanor is a welcome balance to the whole process. I just feel very thankful to have had the chance to be guided by him...its been wonderful here. So, I am considering staying on through August...might as well...everything has been going well...and I would like to continue my practice at the shala...for just one more month. Especially since Sharath will be taking a long break from September thru January. I am not sure 100%...but I am leaning in that direction. We'll see. Peace.

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