Drop the Mind


Drop the mind that thinks in prose;
revive another kind of mind that thinks in poetry.
Put aside all your expertise in syllogism;
let songs be your way of life.
Move from intellect to intuition,
from the head to the heart,
because the heart is closer to the mysteries.


I think about all the times that my head talked me out of something...That part that lives in the past...the pains and filters of former experiences that take us out of the present moment...I realize that I haven't fully grasped what this means for me and my life...but I do know that there is a way of living for me from this point forward that will be forever changed...no turning back...Also, the fact that I don't have everything planned out...and not knowing what's coming next gives me the space to be open to the possibilities to feel something instead of relying on what the externals expect from me...The more I have connected to this universe inside it has allowed me to truly connect with others on a deeper level...by passing superficiality...and beyond that I have experienced such a deep sense of gratitude for all the blessings that have come into my life no matter how big or how small...its all good...even the "bad"...whatever that is. So...on my day off from practice I'm gonna sit with this for a while. Peace.

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