When the student is ready...the teacher appears...


Yeah...I've been on hiatus with the blog...but, I just needed time to be. After getting ill...and being up and around on my feet...it took about a week to feel normal again...like 100%. I was still getting bouts of dizziness...and low appetite...but all that has passed now and things look bright. Even, some of this monsoon stuff has slacked off a bit...which I am extremely happy about. The weather today was absolutely beautiful.
As for practice...I don't know how to explain it...but it has gone up to a whole other level after being ill. It was like I was cleansed of something...like it needed to happen to me for some reason or other. Also, I feel like Sharath is becoming my teacher...like he's my teacher now! Its so exciting. I wasn't sure if I would come to this conclusion ever...but he is...my teacher. Its becoming more evident that there doesn't need to be much commentary in a student/teacher relationship. Sharath was adjusting me in back-bending and all he said was one word...and it made all the difference. One simple word...at the right time...at the right moment...he didn't need to go through the whole anatomy of the posture and break it down bit by bit. Just do it...just breath...just be...its all so simple. Its so funny how through our minds we can even make yoga complicated...and it doesn't have to be. It goes beyond the mind. It resides in a space where no thinking is involved...its a deeper sense...a deeper sense of wisdom that bubbles up from inside...and you can never get it from outside yourself...never. There are unlimited riches within...unlimited! Peace.

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