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We cannot achieve world peace
without first achieving peace
Within ourselves...........Inner Peace.
In an atmosphere of
Hatred, Anger, Competition and Violence.
no Lasting Peace
Can be achieved.
These Negative and Destructive Forces
must be overcome by
Compassion, Love and Altruism,
which are the essential teachings of
The Buddha

Tenzin Gyatso
H.H. the XIVth Dalai Lama

What an interesting week...filled with more lessons then I would have liked to have. I say that with lightness...because its all good...just challenging. When your faced with a tough lesson or theme that keeps popping up in life it can be so easy to blame someone...or something else...because it makes us uncomfortable...but really it all starts inside. The comfort we feel within ourselves. To grasp every situation or scenario and to be fully present in it...connecting to a deeper part within...feeling whatever bubbles up. One can choose to be a better person for it...or choose to ignore it...but the one thing I have come to know is...why cut off the stream...and why should I swim upstream when I can float down stream and enjoy the ride. Why should I struggle when essentially all is provided...if I just open my eyes...and my heart to what's right in front of me. Like I have said head is always wrong...but my heart always knows. Peace.

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