Not a matter of if...but when...


So...not too long ago when I recently arrived here in Mysore...I was told...its not a matter if your gonna get sick in India...but a matter of when. When I heard this I was like...yeah right...bring it. So about a week ago it was a nice little package disguised as a little tickle in the back of my throat...that ended up as a pounding, sledge-hammering, monster of a headache...a lovely 3 day fever, hacking cough, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and some of the worst body aches I've ever experienced. Okay, no big deal. But when your laid up in your room for four days your mind starts to unravel. When your far away from home and your fully clothed layers deep under three heavy blankets shivering start to I have malaria? Damn. Which by the way I don't! But, it crosses your mind...among other things when your laid up for too long. Like when you walk to the bathroom and you feel as if your walking on a 45 degree start to think...what the f#@* is wrong with me? When you start to recall vast experiences in your past like an unwinding start to think...isn't this what happens at your death? Of course, I'm being a bit dramatic...but weird thing is that did happen...I had the clearest memory recall of my past just play out as I lay delirious at the height of my fever. Or maybe some of my brain cells started frying...which...explains a couple things. Oops. Never mind. However, the good news is...its all good...its over...I'm just a bit weak...and my pants are a couple sizes big...but I'm healthy and I was able to practice again today...which was absolutely hilarious. If I thought for moment that I was gonna be able to jump in and practice all fancy free...those hopes were dashed after the first standing forward bend in Sun Salutations...I almost tumbled joke...I was still a bit equilibrium was waaaaaay off. Every time during standing postures when I would come back to samasthitih I would totally loose my balance...very embarrassing. Its really interesting practicing when your physically off center...but your doing your best to be in a state of equanimity. Fascinating stuff. I was a bit winded too...or was that because we did the whole primary series in 60 minutes? I am not kidding about that one...Pattabhi lead class today and he seemed to have more energy than was great. Peace.

Oh yes...I have to isn't a given that you'll get sick if you come here...many people come and go without becoming ill. Also, I would like to thank those who helped me out while I was down and out...Thanks to Elle, Emily, Trisha, Satu, and Regi. Bless you.

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