Cooler Days


You Are an Example
You've come into this physical body to offer an example to others--for words do not teach. It is life experience that brings you your knowing. And so you've come forth into this body to experience and feel and to make decisions, but the ultimate goal is to live a physical life that is delicious, that brings you to the state of ecstasy that you feel from your broader perspective.
-Abraham--G 2/17/91

After two days off from practice it took a while to get all the kinks mind slightly body just a bit tighter than normal. The shala was extremely crowded for lead primary. I believe even the men's and women's changing rooms were full. Its always an interesting experience waiting for the gates to open in the morning before class. Today, I was early and one of the first people near the gate...but some how...its so funny, because I always end up being one of the last ones in the shala. I just can't seem to make myself anxiously enter trying to find a "proper spot"...whatever that I said...had quite a few kinks, but nothing major...the weather in Mysore has been cooler...especially today...because we are entering monsoon season here. Which means I wasn't sweating as profusely as normal...I guess a welcome change...because I can't seem to drink enough water.
I've met a new friend here...actually several because there are always new faces coming in every week. He's a yogi from Mexico...and he had me laughing until my stomach hurt at the coconut stand yesterday. "My friend!" is how he gets people's attention and he's a two cheek kiss kind of guy. It was so funny because he was commenting on how he felt that his experience here hasn't been spiritual enough for him...and I was like...well its all what you make of it I guess...then later he asked me what is it gonna take for him to get laid around here...Oh brother! This guy is something else! I was like why you asking me? Then I went on to tell him good luck...finding spirituality and his quest to get laid...unbelievable...but you know, I can't fault someone for being honest...too funny. Just on a side note though...I won't be helping him with either quest...that's for sure...I'm no guru...and...we're just friends.
So...the last several weeks...I've been laying low...plotting a couple possibilities...taking time to reflect...journaling...reading...meeting various friends one on one to talk about things. I know, sounds pretty dull right? But, I gotta admit I've enjoyed it. I've kind of shaken a lot of things up inside...since I've been here...and the dust has settled a bit...and now it's time to have a look and see what's transpired... all I can say is I'm pretty happy about it...things feel'll see what happens...Peace.

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