Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds

(Albert Einstein)

The sun lays low on the horizon in the winter time. Something I'm not entirely used to, but it's cool. It's different. Gives off an unique vibe. Like I've said before, since being in Stockholm, the weather has been fairly mild. Damp. Cloudy. With peaks of sunshine here and there. There is something cozy about it. Instead of reacting to the changes, or the weather, I look to it with open awareness. Fascination. Curiosity.

With Christmas coming around the corner the decorations are coming out. It will be interesting to see how the city comes alive during the holidays. With the winters being dark. The sun setting at around 3 pm, Swedes like to light things up. Candles in the all the windows. Lights. This is the weekend to let it all out. I guess the tree comes later though. Still learning.

I've easily transitioned my practice. With change, as always, it's nice to have an anchor. A grounding force to put it all into proper perspective. It's a happy time. A time of open possibility. Never quite knowing what door will open, or where certain paths will lead.

The horizon is wide open, and I like the view.

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