If You Love


If You Love

You might quiet the whole world for a second
if you pray.

And if you love, if you
really love,

our guns will

~St. John of the Cross

I feel so off today. Not sure what is going on. Really not feeling all that well. Somehow I managed to pull off some sort of practice this morning before totally pooping out. I felt weak...and tired...so I surrendered to it.

One thing has changed though...my breath in Kapotasana is as soft and fluid as if I were in a simple forward bend. Now that is more exciting than the fact I can grab my heels! As if by magic a shift has taken place...a new opening...a deeper sense of equanimity...who knows...who cares...but I have to be honest...its in the subtleties...its in the subtleties where one really needs to look and be aware...that is where our sensitivities come out, and true refinement of the practice begins to develop and grow.

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