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Did a little bit of leg work on the 'project' that I'm experimenting with. And...its nice how juices start to flow, because I came up with another modest project as well. This second project came about more strongly after talking with several friends this morning. So, when I go on my little hiatus next week, I'm gonna work on that as well. Its not often we get the time and luxury...heck...in this culture...time is a luxury...receiving the chance to really work on a creative idea first and foremost. Its the perfect opportunity to simply line everything up...then next...start the wheels in motion. Take action.

I've been discovering how the power of our intentions, along with hopes and desires, can pull us in the right direction if we allow it...and listen. If I can feel it...if I can taste it...visualize it...I can manifest it. And, with undying faith. Just about anything can happen. Miracles are everywhere.

I have found how important it is to align myself with others who share an inspired life and exude positivity. Obviously, not everyone is gonna be sunshine and roses everyday...but the importance of having others support...those who lift you up, instead of beat you down or discourage you on the path is priceless. And, I have to say thank you to all of those who have encouraged me, supported me, and who have just simply made me laugh...Thank you. Nothing in life has meaning without the love, the support, and community of others. Its so nice when grace happens...

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