To The Edge


"To give one's heart is to give all." ~Gandhi

Going to the edge is a place to discover and become familiar with. When going to the edge we get a nice little push into the areas of the unknown. We get the opportunity to grow, expand, and discover places within ourselves that have been untapped and are waiting to be brought out. In our yoga practice we get that chance...and quite frankly, I find it a blessing. Even though some days I feel as if I can barely lift my arms over my head.

The edge is that funny place between between discomfort and pain. And, I'm not one of those yogis that necessarily believe you should work through the pain...but working with that's another story!

All the asanas we do everyday are a training ground for the postures in our lives. When we find ourselves in sticky situations in daily can we find a sense of equanimity and balance? Will we choose fear or love? Will we choose the ego or our higher self? That's the edge I'm talking about...and it fascinates me.

I have fun playing with it. For instance in the last several months when practicing kapotasana I've been staying in it for 10 breaths instead of 5...and when I straighten the arms I'll do 8 breaths. And, believe me, I'm not doing this to prove something...but, honestly I never liked the posture. I didn't like being in it...I couldn't wait to get out of it...that is what would go through my mind every time I would do it. So, one day, for fun I was like, you know what...I'm gonna learn to love it, and enjoy it...and just sit in this discomfort a bit longer and see what it brings. And, well, it had an interesting affect on me. For one, my breath totally changed. Secondly, I felt a subtle shift in my body as my awareness deepened and relaxed in the posture. I continue to do this now...and its been a good lesson...getting out of my comfort zone...but staying out of the pain zone and not forcing. It has to be about allowing...releasing...surrendering. everything else. Once we've played with one edge its time to play with another. That's how we grow.

I geek out on stuff like this. I love hearing about people who have reached their ultimate edge and what they did with they they kept on. Its interesting. It keeps me inspired...and when I wanna start complaining...I look to others who exude strength and perseverance to keep me going.


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