All life is one. The world is one home.
All are members of one human family.
All creation is an organic whole. No
Man is independent of this whole. Man
Makes himself miserable by separating
Himself from others. Separation is death.
Unity is eternal life.

~Swami Sivananda

I've been really, really, really asking for some guidance. And, by the grace of the universe I got some, and it truly resonated. So...I'm going to go with it...using the momentum of this guidance, and see where it leads. Its all different for me now. I haven't embraced trusting my inner voice so much in the past, and its time for me to do so. I've got nothing to loose...and honestly, if I'm connecting to the universe and I get a message...I'll take it! Its time.

The story goes like this. My good friend and mentor asked if I'd be interested in coming over her place to hang for a while, since I'd be leaving next week. Happily I went over. We always have good times and good conversation. She recently started practicing Reiki and asked if I would like a session with her. As always, I'm open to any kind of healing energy work and I quickly agreed. The session lasted longer than normal...and let me just say, it was incredible. I felt like a sponge. Afterwards, she told me she received a clear message about 'my work'...and what that entailed. She went on telling me it came on so strongly and clearly that it gave her goose bumps. The message was very exact. And, its funny because its something that I lightly entertained in the back of my mind a while ago...but never really took too seriously, and I've never spoken about it to anyone. Its all very interesting. If I'm in the flow...and its meant to be...I don't see any reason why not to entertain this idea.
I'm excited...

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