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If you come to me at this moment, your minutes will become hours, your hours will become days, and your days will become a lifetime.

~from Letter 74, excerpt from, A Novel in Letter, by Gregory Colbert

I gazed upon all of the edens that had fallen in me. I saw edens that I had in my hands, but had let go. I saw promises I did not keep, pains I did not soothe, wounds I did not heal, tears I did not shed. I saw deaths I did not mourn, prayers I did not answer, doors I did not open, doors I did not close, lovers I left behind, and dreams I did not live. I saw all that was offered to me that I could not accept. I saw the letters I wished for, but never received. I saw all that could have been, but never will be.

~from Letter 351, excerpt from, A Novel in Letters, by Gregory Colbert

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