"People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls."

~Carl Jung

In a quandary at the moment. I'm hesitating...not quite sure where any of this will take me. Challenges have continued to pop up. I doing my best to be in a state of awareness and move forward with grace...but, sometimes I just wanna be like..."God, give me a break, please." Ha! Then I quickly remember, there are those who have it much worse off than me, and I need to continue to be thankful for the little things...

After much hesitation and insecurity I'm gonna take on this project...doing my best to find the joy in the process...letting go of expectation...if that's possible. I got just the right nudge from a friend. She told me she sees it so clearly...but, why don't I see it? Well, first off I need to take me out of the equation...and ride, ride, ride...that's what's its all about.

So...I was invited to teach a workshop out of the country to a far off land...hahaha...my first international offer to teach yoga. I'm honored to be asked...a pleasant surprise...as always...There is NEVER a time I'm not up for a little adventure...that's just me...

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