God Never Dies


"The heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam." ~Bhagawan Nityananda

One of the fondest memories of my trip to Mexico was when my bf and I would go to his sister's home to practice yoga...and his nephew would be beyond excited. Already, at a young age... mystified by the practice...there was a connection. This cute, beautiful, little thing would plop down between me and Ricardo and try his best to follow along with what we were doing. Let me just say he became my teacher instead of the other way around. What a wonderful site to see, someone embrace yoga with nothing but an innocence that was so pure. It reminded me of what its all about. Just connecting to the moment. Laughing when I fall or flub up...and moving on with a fresh mind...an airy lightness...having fun with it all. This little guy loved every moment of what he was doing with no expectations or goals...only living in the moment of discovery and excitement...how refreshing...something to take to heart, and bring to my mat...as well as into life...

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