Equality is not in regarding different things similarly, equality is in regarding different things differently.

~ Tom Robbins

I'm at a crossroads.

What does that mean exactly? Not entirely sure.

I could turn right, I could turn left...I could keep going straight ahead, unquestioning. Or, I could turn around and go back from whence I came.

I struggle.

I guess somewhere deep inside, it's almost as if I just wanna be saved. Ultimately, I know that isn't gonna happen. I've learned from the wise that you must give what you so desperately seek.

Some have told me that I'm brave. I must be the first to say no, this isn't so. Inside, I'm still a scared little girl who is uncertain.

How much is destiny, how much of this life is the manifestation of our own making? You know, I'm not entirely sure. Sometimes I wonder how much control I really do have.

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