Buses, Trains, Automobiles, and Motor-scooters


Stay committed to your decisions flexible in your approach.

~ Tom Robbins

Lately I've had to learn how to become more flexible.

Off the mat that is.

Now, I'm commuting between Chiayi and Taichung. Teaching in Taichung on the weekends, teaching in Chiayi during the week. And, to make things more interesting, I'll be teaching in Kaohsiung by the 2nd half of the month. Its all good. I've had to learn how to maneuver within Taiwan's public transportation system...which is interesting since my Chinese skills are below par, and I can't read it either. Good thing is, I know my numbers...so I can easily line that up when trying to figure out which train to take, on what platform, at what time.

Most certainly have had my fair share of buses, trains, automobiles, and motor-scooters...

Now, if only I can get my hands on a camel, unicycle, and hot-air balloon, I'll have covered about every mode of transport.

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Catvibe said...

You make me miss my traveling experiences. My only time in Taiwan was at the international airport waiting for a plane transfer (three times, I know the airport quite well). I hope someday to get there. I hear they have some killer green tea.

Peaceloveyoga said...

Yes! Taiwan does have great great tea. This is true.

I was pleasantly surprised by Taiwan's beauty. I had no idea before hand. There are many places to experience without feeling your in a tourist trap. I haven't made it to the east coast yet however. I hear it's spectacular.


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