This aloneness is worth more than a thousand lives.
This freedom is worth more than all the lands on earth.
To be one with the truth for just a moment,

Is worth more than the world and life itself.

~ Rumi

It's amazing the length of time it takes to step inside and see what it is I truly desire. I've found how easy it is to unconsciously except a life that really isn't my own.

When I think about those who have changed the course of history. It was those who stepped outside the box, and sat on the edge of the mainstream...paving the way of a new reality.

Through observation I been able to see where the struggle is. I've never been one to follow in line with convention. However, there are times when I don't trust myself, my feelings, and often my salvation lies in gaining acceptance from others.

There are days I feel expansive. So ready to pave a new way, to set a new course. To then, fear not knowing where it will all lead.

There never seems to be complete satisfaction in falling in line.

I want to color outside the lines. Every time I have, I haven't regretted it for one single moment.

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