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Somehow my yoga blog has turned into an all great things about Iceland travel blog, lol. Bear with me. I have one more thing to rave about and that's Iceland's music scene. I don't exaggerate when I say Iceland has the highest percentage of talented artists and musicians anywhere in the world. For a country this small it pumps out some pretty amazing stuff. It's unreal.

Today I found myself at a local music store in downtown Reykjavik desiring to find a few additions to my music collection, which is pretty pathetic by the way. I've been so unimpressed with what's been released in the mainstream lately that once I heard some of the Icelandic music acts I felt like finally my music thirst was quenched. I bought 7 Cds, and I never do that. Ever. And, there's more I want to get but I didn't have time! Let's just say I was more than impressed. What fun. I was like a kid in a candy store.

One of my favorites is Emilíana Torrini. Absolutely wonderful.

Emilíana Torrini

Of course I picked up a few Sigor Rós Cds, because you just have too, and I thought I would try something a bit different like Seabear, but believe me, there's so much more. So, so, so much more. 



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StEvE said...

I totally sympathise with your 'Icelandicitis'. I moved to Thailand, from the cold & wet UK, a couple of years ago, and I am continuously learning about the nuances of it's culture & people. It's an amazing experience; despite what the media is hanging it's great big hat on in the current climate.

I hope everyone that ever gets the chance to cross a cultural barrier, leaps at it, just in case we do only have one life.

peaceloveyoga said...

Very well said, Steve. I'd have to agree. Getting a feel for the 'nuances' is what it's all about. Putting a real face to the culture versus only reading through media outlets.

Thank you!

Amy said...

Hi there! My friend Danielle Rante directed me to your blog. I am headed to Reykjavik on Monday (arrive on the first) for the month of June for an artist residency. Are you still there? I really appreciate your tips on Icelandic music. I'll keep checking in...

peaceloveyoga said...

Hello Amy!

Wonderful to hear that you'll be traveling to Iceland in June! Too bad I won't be able to run into you, for I'm leaving this Tuesday. Anyhow, you're in for a treat, and daylight 24 hours a day!

I'll go ahead and post some more music acts I've found interesting, and, the music shop I went to. Reykjavik is teaming with creativity. You'll just love it.

Take care. XOXO


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