I love Iceland!

"Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk."
(Doug Larson)

In the last couple days I've had the lovely gift of a tweaked back. The strange part is I'm able to do my practice with no problems. Almost as if I can bring mind over matter in a course of two hours or more. Then afterward, when my body cools down, the back doesn't feel so good. Not sure if it's the culmination of all the hiking coming into play or what. Guess it takes a while for it to settle in.

No matter. Life is full of tweaks. With a tweaked back, the lesson to be learned is in making an adjustment. Lately, I've had to address certain imbalances in my body and bring consciousness around them. With one leg slightly longer than the other, often I feel the imbalance in my sacrum. On side pinching. With that, I've had to find ways to lengthen through, and keep my right side more loose and fluid. Bringing in a sense of balance.

With various imbalances I can never take my vinyasa for granted. I must bring an extra amount mindfulness into the area of my low back with every upward facing dog. In the end, it a good thing, with tweaks I've learned an endless amount in regards to accessing a posture.

Ha! But for some reason I can't seem to get enough of hiking around Iceland. If anything the practice of yoga has allowed me commune with nature, and come to a place of vast inner appreciation of it. It's been awesome. Although, the beauty and energy of Iceland make it easy. Unspoiled. Pure. Geo-active. The list goes on, and the contrast of fire and ice has piqued my interest into the forces of nature. Definitely wasn't expecting this insight before I planned to come here. I welcome it.

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Tiff said...

Take care of yourself you old lady!! he he he

Peaceloveyoga said...

Har, har, har! :) Not all of us can be as young and fresh as you, my dear.


billcalhoun said... your post about your tweaked back. Where in your back is the tweak? Last year, I opened up my lower back...just above the pelvis...and "trapped" a nerve. I tried many different stretches (over a two week period) until I found a really crazy one that allowed the nerve to get released. Since that time, I have helped several people who had the same kind of person had lived with it for years! If this is your situation, I would be happy to share the stretch with you!

Peaceloveyoga said...

Yeah, I'm always open to hear about such things.

My tweak has been a bit strange, it seems to move. However, primarily I feel it in low back, but also it seems to have an affect on my upper back near my left shoulder blade where I get a few knots there. Dunno ... been learning to roll with it, but I would surly love to hear what you've learned.

billcalhoun said...

Hi There...

I think you may have two separate tweaks. It seems, from my experience, that if a tweak can be can be "uncreated," undone, etc. It is sometimes a big challenge to undo a tweak. I think my ligaments are pretty loose now...and I do get an occasional tweak. So far, I have always been able to untweak!

Here is the stretch for my lower back is a funky pelvis stabilized twist!

Start here:

Now...pull your stomach in a bit(so your back is flatter than the back of the lady in the picture). You might want to bring your hips under a bit to increase your pelvic tilt.

Here's the release...

While keeping the hips/legs in this position...walk your arms over to the left the point where you forehead touches your left knee... Hang out there for a few breaths...feel you back opening up... Now bring yourself back to the center... Walk your arms over to the right side. Bring your forehead to your right knee... hang out of a few breaths. Then repeat.

Okay...Then come out of the stretch. Don't keep repeating right now. Revisit the stretch in four or five hours. As you get to know the stretch, you can do it more often throughout the day.

I think you will notice a difference the first day. It may take 3 or 4 days to really feel good again.

Don't get too excited and overstretch at first...go easy.

I hope this helps. Let me know what you think!



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