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 Boiling hot water fresh from the Earth
“look, i’m not trying to be an artist. i’m not really a self-proclaimed anything. i just want to be happy. and that’s different for everyone. the american dream ideal has been shoved down our throats since it developed, and hey man to each his own. that dream was somebodies once and it’s embedded in a thousand other people right now. but it’s not my dream. it’s not my goal. because i don’t want to look at myself in the mirror when i’m thirty and regret all of the things i never risked because everyone told me “you’re not going to get anywhere” - like what the fuck is “anywhere” even? who decided that i had to be something practical in order to be happy? i am awestruck, i am spellbound, i am shell-shocked, and i am exhilarated. but you know what i’m not? i’m not bored. i don’t ever want to wake up one day and realize that i am bored. that i am unimpressed with everything that everyone else told me mattered. i’d rather figure out where i belong then have somebody else decide for me. so i’m taking my chances. why?
why the fuck not.”

(violent femme)

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