Vedic Astrology


Hiding in this cage

of visible matter

is the invisible life bird

pay attention to her

she is singing your song

- Kabir

When in India I had the opportunity to have a Vedic astrology reading done and my palm read. I had been curious about it, but never seriously looked into it over my pervious trips. When the opportunity arose, I decided, what the heck. The palm was easy, I just handed it over, and began to wonder where do you even begin when reading someone's palm? Mr. V. looked it over with a keen eye, even studying certain spots with scrutiny. For a moment, a twinge of nervousness arose, wondering if he would find something that caused alarm. The mind, it can always take us down the path of the dramatic. The information given was interesting and affirming. I even laughed out loud a few times. Whoa. All that is written all over my palm? Much of the information hit close to home. 

Vedic astrology is different from the conventional astrological readings done in the west. Both have merit just different approaches. I don't really stock my life on these readings and do them more out of curiosity, while finding a thread of truth in the saying "as above so below," I take it as something that hits closer to home than we realize, but in the same breath, there is always the element of connection that goes beyond even the external realities of the stars. I just try to be open to what these practices have to offer. Nowadays, we are acutely out of touch with our surrounding environment. The ancients held the stars in high regard and forecasted a multitude of knowledge and wisdom. 

In my reading I had to calculate the time of my birth in Indian time. That's the difference, first off. Instead of using the time, date, and location of my birth, the time only is adjusted to Indian time. I was offered interesting information and was also given a forecast for the year, as well as, offered advice moving forward. For one, I was told Thursday is my day to deeply connect with the divine. I liked this. Sure everyday we should make an effort to connect but to have a special day that holds resonance to my astrological make up was something I had never heard of before. When it comes to the other stuff, I'll hold it close to me. It's nothing too earth shattering anyway, but if I am to step into a grow period that awaits, I need to be ready and connected, so I'll take the advice to heart. It certainly can't hurt. 

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Anonymous said...

Laruga, I loved this post. Why? I recently had a Vedic reading done as well. It was a mindblower. I'll dm you my thoughts.-Lu


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