Photo Practice


"An intellectual says a simple thing a hard way. An artist says a hard thing a simple way."   
 - Charles Bukowski

I've been practicing my photography and feeling lucky to have such a lovely backdrop to work in. Stockholm starts to sing with vibrancy as the light of Spring emerges. We're not quite there yet, nonetheless, it is just around the corner. With that being said it reminds me how easy it is to look ahead thinking if only this or that were here now life would be better or more enjoyable. Yes, more sunshine and warmth do seem to make it easier but I am often reminded how easy it is to search for salvation in a future outcome. I say this because this has been my default off and on for some time, and I've learned how it has only distracted me from the here and now. Or maybe even the pain or discomfort I feel in the present moment. However, whatever I distract myself from always has a way of creeping up on me no matter what. It always feels scarier in the mind than in reality. So . . . I take pictures. It really has a way of making me appreciate the beauty and moments around me. Even in the most ordinary.

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Kelly Williams said...

I love photography! It's one of my dreams of doing photography as a hobby. I like all the pictures that you've taken! So good!


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