Ashtanga in Scandanavia


Both times I've ventured to Mysore, India I've been pleasantly surprised regarding the amount of practitioners from Scandinavia. Dare I say the percentage is higher compared to American Ashtangis who make the trip and continue with the practice. Impressive. Which is significant, when in fact, the total population of the Scandinavian countries could easily reside inside many single states back home.

My practice has gone through an adjustment since arriving. All positive. A new internal muscle has been flexed when finding center along with external changes. All in all, it goes back to breath, bandhas, dristi. I've gotten used to the cushiness of practicing in warm humid climates. The joints are juicier. Muscles warm faster. The weather right now in Stockholm is nice, however it's definitely cooler and dryer than I'm used to. My vata is much stronger. Interesting to say the least. But a good thing in the end.

Our external environments will always vacillate and change. Life naturally has it's ups and downs. But with change, can I still tap into the eternal part of myself? The part that is contant and all encompassing? THAT is where the practice of yoga truly begins.

The yoga community I've been exposed to is extremely warm and welcoming. I guess I wouldn't expect anything less. Yogis are usually open and kindhearted no matter what country they are from.

I never, never, never thought I would visit Sweden. Kinda funny. It simply wasn't on my radar of places to see and visit...and, in my mind, I thought it was a big, massive iceberg or something. Yes. I was definitely wrong in my assumptions. Haha. This country is absolutely lovely. Not just the beauty of the environment, but also the beauty and diversity of it's people as well. However, life has a way of offering up little surprises, and what has brought me here goes way beyond what words can describe. Love, laughter, and lightness has breathed new life into me, which has inspired my soul and purpose. All I had to do is be open to the experience.

And thank God, I did.

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