Under the Holy Spirit's thought system, the proper response to any situation is always love. When you think with the Holy Spirit, you're consistent in your attitude, which is love.

~ The Disappearance of the Universe, by Gary R. Renard

Since arriving, I've been soaking in the Swedish history and culture, and in the beginning stages of learning the language. I might as well let the cat out of the bag, and report, I'll be relocating here in the late Fall. Whew! No tropical beaches. No hot, humid, steamy temperatures. (Sigh). I only kid. Stockholm is a beautiful place. I've already fallen in love, which makes it all the more exciting and worthwhile on every level imaginable.

Gathering the places I've traveled to, one comes to notice how there's a collective vibe to any given area. The Swedes have a steady quietness to them. Which I like. But at the same time are often open and friendly. Most are excellently educated and have well rounded tastes and ideas regarding life and culture. What has struck me, is there's a gentle humbleness to them, while at the same time, backed up with excellence in all they do. Refreshing.

Sweden has definitely been influenced by American culture, which citizens will easily admit, and most speak fluent English. You can find your McDonald's (blech!), but then again, there's no Starbucks (gasp!!). Have no fear, superb cafes, cozy coffee houses and baristas are all around.

In closing, there's really something to putting yourself out there...getting out of one's comfort zone. I haven't totally put my finger on it, but I must say, it's taught me a lot about myself and extended to understanding others more completely. I've learned much through these experiences, and welcome them. I mean, how can one really know what one is made of if not willing to enter into the unknowable and unthinkable? Really.

I don't claim to know much, but what I do know is, life becomes more profound when truly understanding...knowing...getting a feel of what is steadfastly within. Can I still connect when everything on the outside is different from what I've already experienced? Can I look at things with new eyes? Can I project this innocence in any given moment? Can I be open when doors close? Questions I continue to ask...and I'm so thankful I have.

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