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Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free.

~ A Course in Miracles

Like a light bulb being lit after eons of darkness I've come to a place where I want to do nothing unless it leads with my heart and soul. From the simple to the most profound experiences there is always a place of sacredness to behold.

I'm not talking about being over the top with everything I say or do. Often, a steady, quiet, heartfelt presence is enough. Leading with the heart isn't always about sentimental talk and long drawn out conversations or sagas. When in tune with the heart, I feel as if there's a deep sense of honesty that comes with it. A balance of reverence and irreverence for what is. We can stand in awe to the profound beauty that envelopes us, and also not take it all too seriously.

When standing in this place of being, there is no need to take offense or feel threatened. We all share the same oneness, on a united front, even though we are filled with messages that point to separateness, which is an illusion. A simple illusion.

One thing I've learned, when on a spiritual path...whatever that means...one must be mindful of not standing firm in righteousness. I've come to a point where does it really matter if my voice is heard? Does it benefit me to point out the wrong doings of others? My responsibility, my piece of the pie, begins with me. I can lead by example, by staying true to my heart's calling, but that's about it. I can live in gratitude and service. I can tune into the stillness within myself. However, the moment I condemn another what does that serve? Don't I then become a part of the problem?

I admit, when I hear the Rush Limbaugh's of the world I can feel my blood start to boil. Hahaha..what a practice it is not to be affected by the outer agenda. Why make it real? And, if I condemn someone for condemning something or someone I feel positive towards, isn't it all the same thing? Why take offense? Why join in the same game that has been going on for a millenia? Why worry about what other people are doing and saying. The focus needs to stay steadfast on the Truth. For, if always taking offense, and taking the side of left or right then I fall into the constant push and pull.

I wanna fly beyond those chains.

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