Walk the Walk


The last several days we've been touring various museums in Stockholm. Make no doubt, there is an abundance of cultural centers in the area. Personally, my favorite is Stockholm's Museum of Modern Art. A complete, and impressive collection.

However, one of the best things, though simple, is the fact the city is made for walking. The last time I walked this much was when a student at The Ohio State University. This I love. There is something about an environment where people are out and about, milling around, versus being boxed inside steel and metal all the time...meaning our cars. It's interesting. Even though, obviously, I don't know many people here, there is a vibrancy and energy that takes place with interaction. Even with the cooler temps, people still manage to sit outside a cafe and sip on a cup of coffee with friends. I appreciate this as a mere observer. I enjoy observing varying styles and diversity. When walking, I become more present, like an active participant. Pretty cool. Completely refreshing in comparison to the strip mall phenomenon I've been exposed to most of my life.

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