An Attitude of Gratitude


All the Greats say that to manifest positive experiences in life you must be in a space of gratitude and appreciation. Whenever we feel thankful it just feels better...our lives feel more abundant and full. Even the things that we may judge as "bad" are just a point of perspective from past experiences or other people's experiences...and how we choose to react to those "bad things"... there is a time to make a choice... do we decide to let those things take over and ruin our day or do we just let it ride?
This is something I continually work on...Like the parking ticket I got today! Oh yeah, I was cursing a bit as I got in my car...I let the emotion run through me...and then I did my best to let it go...This gratitude thing is like a muscle you gotta work it out! Everyday! Just like you workout your body. If you don't use loose it! You wanna nice ass...gotta do some squats...lunges or something. Wanna good abundant life...workout your gratitude muscle. May sound crass... but I like that analogy!
With everything that has been put in front of me I would like to take a moment to be thankful... Especially to those special friends who have helped me to grow and see the lighter side of life. I also could never forget my two little kitties...Tiny Tim (pictured above) and Belle...who love me unconditionally and have taught me to live in the moment...and just enjoy...the simple things. Peace.

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