Getting Ready for Mysore


This morning...bright and early we started our Ashtanga/Mysore style class at Balanced Yoga. I opened the studio at students literally rise and practice as the sun rises. The energy is so pure...the mind is much more still right before dawn. Its an awesome thing to observe. I couldn't be more excited to be part of facilitating a comfortable space for practitioners to really embrace the practice in the tradition it was meant to be taught. Getting up at 4:45am every morning Monday thru Friday seems like a big undertaking...But I couldn't be more happy to do it. The way things have been unfolding...the choices I have been making...the projects I have chosen to undertake have validated that I am on the right track... because... It feels good...It feels right!...There is a sense of peace that comes with it. It could all change tomorrow...but finally I am experiencing the things that make me happy.
After class and practicing today I finally sent my VISA application away for my trip to India. I got a 10 year...because I know this will be the first of many trips to Mysore. It is all very exciting.

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