Still Waters Run Deep


Life seems to finally be settling for me. For the first time in a long time I have been spending a vast amount of time with just me...and its been good. I have been able to tap into some of the things I have been wanting to cultivate...I have learned so much more about myself...some of my strengths. Its funny how when your single again...after an almost four year you finally find space to be more of who you are. I am not necessarily saying that can't happen in a relationship...but it can be challenging to keep that up. Obviously, some day I would like start dating again...but having this time has allowed me to tap into what I really want in a relationship and what I truly deserve. I mean, if I can't be my own best company...what kind of partner would I make? Probably, not so much fun. I have been enjoying my time. Its been cool.
Just practicing stillness...being with just you...and not running from it...there is so much to learn in that stillness. can be pretty deep. That awareness deepens...that knowing...shines through. My yoga practice has really taken on a new shape as well. Its amazing how our practices evolve through time. When I internally feel always shows up in my practice...and when I feel in alignment with the universe that strength isn't just physical its the knowing that I am so much more than what is seen with our own eyes.
Well, I am still just trying to figure it all out...but geesh...there is no other place I would rather be than right here right feels so good...that comfort of just feeling good in your own skin.
Even though I do look forward to my first trip to Mysore, India in May...this time I have been this moment has been priceless. Thank you! Thank you! Peace.

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