Big Waves


I have had this one re-accruing dream every since I can remember...every since I was very young...about big waves as I am in the midst of them. It sounds scary...but it never is...and for some reason the bigger the waves the more thrilled I am...and excited with a mix of trepidation. I haven't been able to really piece together the significance of these dreams that I still have...even to this day. It must mean something since it has made an appearance in my dreams for as long as I can remember having dreams. Big Waves...big beautiful waves... I am right there with these waves as they build and build and get bigger and bigger...and I am still safe some how...even though as they get bigger...and bigger...I have that mixture of excitement and a bit of fear...but the awe of the wave takes over the fear every time...
I do have a love affair with the ocean. Too bad I am land locked at the moment...but whenever the ocean is nearby I have to be there...there is something very healing about it for me. Last summer I traveled to Encinitas, California for 10 days to practice yoga with one of my favorite teachers Tim Miller...and after every early morning practice...I would hurry home, shower, change, pack up and go straight to the beach to be near the water...And I would just sit there for hours...reading, lounging...listening. I loved it. When I finally had the nerve to set up my first surfing lesson I couldn't wait. My instructor was very laid back...when he met me at the beach entrance he was on S.P. time (surfing-people time) meeting me late...with his hair beach blonde, long on top and carefully dis shoveled...he talked that talk...ya know. "Hey...what's up?...know how to swim?" I laughed, thinking we are going to get along just fine. After my quickie lesson on land...taking I don't know...3 minutes tops...we ventured out to the water...which I might add was unusually rougher versus previous days... but still safe. The surf instructor was like..."your gonna get up your first time...I have a feeling." A little perplexed and excited I answered..."ya think so?" He helped me set the board...and told me which wave to catch...and he was right I got up my first time...seriously the thrill of my life! I mean, I always new the ocean was powerful...but when you ride that wave you FEEL its power...and its exhilarating...absolutely. To be one with it for only a moment...its like wow! I can't even put it into words. Of course after my first ride...I fell many times!...but that was fun to...and I rode one wave all the way to the beach...just to be cute...ha! After two hours, however I was a good way. So now, I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't crave to go surf again...seriously, I think about it a lot. After my lesson, it was funny, because my instructor asked me out that night. However, I declined because I'm a good girl. Just kidding, we totally made out...however no lines were crossed if you know what I mean. It was all in good fun. wink, wink! Some how we ended the night by eating ice cream with his parents...kinda funny...That's a whole other story in its self...
So, I have decided that when I grow up I would like to be a surfer. How fun would that be. Just a surfer...hmmm...maybe a yogini surfer. Cool. I'm looking forward to my next big wave dream...if I can't make it there at least the waves can make it in my dreams.

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