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So...Not being very cyberspace inclined in the past this whole blog thing is...I don't know...daunting, maybe? I mean I didn't know what a blog was exactly a couple months ago. But I am always up for something new and trying new things. My friend helped me get set up...but I have to admit I don't "put myself out there" all too often. What I mean is journaling online seems strange to me because I can be a very private person. However, life has changed, I have changed...Heck! Life is change and I really have nothing to hide...Well...Let me take that back...Geesh, this girl's gotta have some mystery.
Moving on...Let's see...about 3 months ago I was laid off from my job and my relationship of almost four years ended suddenly. Both blessings in disguise. The being laid off from a soul sucking, exhausting corporate job was the sweetest relief. Health benefits, an awesome salary+bonus, company car, great 401K, etc...mean absolutely nothing if you it doesn't feel right...ya know!..I mean to the average person yeah looks great...but c'mon...when it comes to all that I am NOT your average person anymore. Trusting what your soul really wants...Trusting what makes your heart soar...knowing that everything will be just fine if you step in the direction of your heart's desire is something I never want to ignore again. EVER. But I had to go through what I did to figure that out. It all makes sense...that is why anything considered "BAD" that has happened in my life is such an awesome blessing...It would have never brought me right here, RIGHT NOW...knowing what I know. Granted I gotta a lot to learn...but thank God for these lessons. Sometimes you have had to experienced the deepest of pain...sometimes you have to delve in the darkest parts of your soul...To experience the greatest of Joys...To experience God's Grace. I capitalize Grace because it is everywhere...All you have to do is look...Look around...Its everywhere! I just want to scream it! Peace and Love to All.

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