Do Less...Be More


Taking time to take it in...This concept used to be so foreign to me. Just like the title to this post says. DO LESS...BE MORE. I heard this from a wise person several months ago and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I heard it. WHAT?!! I can actually "DO Less" and "Be More." It occurred to me how true that is. Like ever since I have been on this path of discovering who I am and growing spiritually I found myself scheduling everything. Okay...I need to meditate twice a day...Do my philosophy and chant this mantra and blah...blah...blah...and I remember telling one of my close friends that I need to take a step back and just chill from all this stuff because I am just doing, doing, doing. And then if I am not doing it then I am talking about doing it. Alright, I probably don't make any sense right now but...this concept has made all the difference to me. Yes, committing to a spiritual practice is priceless. But, the practice is not necessarily done to reach some sort of pinnacle...Because we are already there...we just need to step out of the way and ALLOW everything to unfold. Observe the process...enjoy the ride...go with the flow. Simplicity. Awareness. In the Stillness the wisdom will arise. In the Stillness our true Self will emerge. There is no more that needs to be done. There is no more that needs to be added. We are already whole. Ahhhhh! What a relief.

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