Silence. All human unhappiness comes from not knowing how to stay quietly in a room.

(Blaise Pascal)

Had a relaxing practice in the morning. Where I consciously focused on non-doing. Being the pose. Sound strange? Yeah. Experimenting with being fully relaxed even as challenging as Ashtanga yoga can be does seem counter-intuitive. At first. However, the longer I practice the more intuitive it becomes.

Yes. Often there is effort involved. Especially when first introduced to the countless number of vinyasas. It never seems to end.

Through the practice of yoga we discover the yin, and the yang. The active and passive forces that bind us to the Earth. We live in a world of paradox. Ebb and flow. Left and right. Up, down. What I've tuned into, as of late, is in melding the two forces together into one. One, no stronger than the other. I see how division binds me to lower vibrations. With unity, moving beyond the dual nature of the world, combining and melting both together, a magical union, anything and everything is possible.

Wholeness. Yes. There is light. There is dark. However, it all shifts as my perception becomes clear. I no longer see what it is I was told to 'see.' There is only One.

Only one.


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