"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."

(Wayne Dyer)

As I type, the snow continues to fall. My favorite, in the evenings, when the snow sparkles, illuminated by the moonlight.

2010. Wow. I remember when years seemed to unfold slowly. Now, it feels only yesterday when I think back to a year ago. In the same instance, much can happen in a year. Yes. This is true. The last several months leading up until now I've felt a flood of memories come to the forefront. I'm not entirely sure why. It just is. I observe. Almost like a tape unwinding. Memories I had forgotten or have wanted to forget. Defining moments, or moments I let slip away.

Now I feel as if I don't want to miss a thing. Meaning, to fully embrace the simplicity and beauty of everything. There were times in my painful past where I felt as if so much was out of my grasp. Wanting. Wanting. Needing. When in truth, it was within me all along, and is. Through realization comes excavation. A clearing out. A centering. It's time to live the reality I've always known to be true. Why is it so scary, yet freeing at the same time?

We are who we are, as simple and as beautiful as that. I guess the best way I've heard it put is all we need to do is remove the lies, so there is only being. That's it. Through the removal. The breaking down. A polishing. What is here, can be known, and it sparkles like the evening snow.

When I contemplate the practice. I see how the purification process is key.


The alchemy of existence.

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