Thoughts on Love


To attract love three qualities must be cultivated: attention, affection, appreciation.

There is nothing more attractive than a person who has no social masks and radiates a simple unaffected humanity.

We are repelled by people who have qualities that we deny in ourselves.

We are attracted to people who have qualities we have but that we want more of.

Falling in love is an act of the soul.

People who attract love respond to the gestures of love from others.

People who attract love know how to give. They are generous of spirit.

People who attract love are not dependent on anyone to know they are lovable.

People who attract love are comfortable with their own and other people's weaknesses.

People who attract love are comfortable with ambiguity and are non-judgmental.

People who attract love believe they are lovable.

Any relationship based on need is doomed for failure, but a relationship based on playfulness will lead to ecstasy.

Intimacy in love is a state of timelessness, loss of ego, naturalness, surrender, communion, defenselessness and vulnerability.

To commune with another soul, see them as equal, be sensitive to paradoxical feelings, have integrity, and don't project.

(Deepak Chopra)

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