3.9. Impressions of externalization are subdued by the appearance of impressions of nirodha. As the mind begins to be permeated by moments of nirodha, there is development in nirodha.

Like the sunrise which always overpowers the darkness of night, nirodha unfailingly counteracts vyutthana, externalization.

Our efforts are like powerful seeds that do most of their work out of sight. No effort in Yoga is ever wasted. Our practices plant and nourish seeds of nirodha, of stillness and clarity. In times they will sprout, grow, and blossom.

It is apparent that practices such as meditation, prayer, study, and self-analysis develop nirodha. But nirodha really gains momentum when we create the inner environment in which nirodha thrives. In practical terms, this means looking to principles of scared wisdom as the standard by which we make choices and by which we adjust our perception of life and the world. By adopting sacred standards as our guidelines for living, we create an inner universe where fears, anxieties, and restlessness are diminished by faith, compassion, and clear, steady focus.

Development in nirodha is greatly accelerated when we live our lives guided by the principles found in the yamas and niyamas. Once we include guidelines such as these in our lives, Yoga practice ceases to be limited to a couple of hours a day. The advantage of this is that more and more of our thoughts and acts add to our momentum towards liberation.

Inside the Yoga Sutras - by Reverend Jaganath Carrera
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