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Had a powerful dream the other night, that was shamanic in nature. Hard to explain. But, I'll try. See...this was the 3rd dream...in a line of two others...that was so strong in nature, I woke up feeling like...whoa what the hell happened...intuitively, I feel the connection with the other two, because of the intensity present...challenging to explain.

There were various dynamics in the dream...and I was given a bit of information by someone in it. Sorry...I won't share here...but, the interesting part was the release that took place. For those that don't buy into it...I can totally understand...but, my God...this was something else.

I entered into what seemed to be a tent, reminiscent of a Native American teepee...but, not quite...and, there was someone there...like a guide, teacher, or wise man of some sort. From there, I laid down and was transported into another dimension...as if I was in a dream with in a dream...quickly, and with enormous power, I felt as if I was pulled into a vortex, where I felt every pain, and hurt from this life, and many lifetimes, as if it was all being sucked out of me...with this release, I felt no fear because I was supported and felt safe. All was coming out like a tornado, and as it released I yelled, something fierce, as if it were all tied up in my throat...soooo strange. So vivid, so clear...so...i dunno...Crazy. Afterward, the guide told me a little bit...and, I felt at peace. Part of what he said was that what was inside ran very deep. Interesting. There is more to it...but, I'd like to leave it at that...

The nice part about it was that there were others there with me...and, I felt complete. Having always battled with a feeling of utter loneliness at my core, for whatever reason. Leading up to this dream it has dissipated a bit...and now, I feel better about my path...for today. I don't want to over analyze...there is no point, but strange, and interesting insights are starting to make sense...and become more clear.

Well...let me just plant my feet back on solid ground again. (Deep breath).

Practice, practice, practice:

Last week I missed Wednesday, and Thursday, because of my trip...but, was back at it on Friday. No worries.

Something has gotten into me...I had two marathon sessions over the weekend. Saturday I practiced for 2.5 hours and Sunday for 3. This isn't my usual. Think I was possessed...I had the energy...and I went with it...to be honest, it felt f#cking great!!

It was a fun experimentation. I love how when the body tires and fatigues...somehow a deeper power develops and still, one is able to endure...as the mind ceases...clarity comes, when thinking stops, and one becomes absorbed in the body and the movement at hand. It is no longer me doing the work, or the efforting...for, there is an element of the asana, and becoming one with it...and the bridge begins with the breath.

This morning I made it up to Eka pada bakasana...no more avoiding. Haha! Let's see, maybe I had about 2.5 seconds of hang time...but, that could be a stretch...haha.


I'm sure glad I called the office that is taking care of my visa today. They thought I was going to China...Haaaaa...not quite...close, but not quite.

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