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Life feels as if its moving so fast. Especially, leading up to leaving. People keep asking me if I'm excited. But, to be honest it hasn't fully hit me yet. Guess it will sink in once I'm on a plane heading west to actually be ending up east.

I taught my last class today as well. Its funny how things work. Just when I was starting to get a good feel for the students...observing their progress...I leave. I felt a twinge of sadness.

Excited to see a friend of mine who I met in Mysore, India last summer. Its been great that we've stayed in touch...can't wait to catch up with him. He comes in town tomorrow night. Its a bit amusing because he's moving out of Asia, where he's been for a while now...as I'm on my way there soon.

Practice Notes

It was a drowsy practice in the morning...made a bit of a breakthrough in Viparita Chakrasna (tic tocs), when flipping back over...I've found better control, and was able to come down with more ease, and finesse...its all about the core baby! We'll see how long it lasts. When it gets to this point in the practice often I feel as if I've gotten nothing left...gotta dig deep.

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