Learn to listen to the vice within yourself. Your body and mind will become one, and you will realize the unity of all things.

~Dogen Zenji

Woke up early like every morning...with a raging thunderstorm passing through the city. I love summer storms. Just as long as they aren't too damaging of course. There's something about them that remind me of who's really in charge...and the dynamic power of nature. When practicing this morning I felt electric, and more alive than most mornings. Maybe a bit of lightening helps.

In Kapotasana I've been feeling a deeper sense of ease than normal. Also, I've noticed how it can be a challenge to keep a clear focus through out the practice, especially nearing the end...not allowing thoughts and self-talk get the better of me. My goal is to keep a fresh awareness consistent through out...maintaining the focus on and beyond the core axis of the body.

Went and saw the Sex and the City movie with some friends. It was cute...very cute. I appreciated the core theme of the movie...and soooo funny too. Yep, I like movies like this...not afraid to admit it...

Met a friend for dinner...a college friend and fomer teammate. I'm continuously amazed at how fast the years have gone by. It kind of freaks me out when I start thinking about it. How much things change...and how fast it does. That's life I guess. :)

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