The Toa Te Ching


Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

~ Lao Tzu

Practice Notes:

Once again, made it up to Eka Pada Bakasana... my nemesis...who will soon become my friend, I hope. It's all coming down to whether I have enough juice to gather some sort of hang time by the time I reach this point in the practice. The thing about 3rd Series isn't necessarily that each individual posture is challenging...but, its a matter of doing them sequentially, in order, maintaining composure, concentration, and flow...among other things.

Strange, lately after practice, even though the temps outside have been warm, I get cold and feel as if I need to bundle myself up...not sure what that's all about. Today, I was severing...

I met up with RW today. He just got into town from Japan last night...we met in Mysore, India. Ironically, he is originally from Columbus, Ohio. I'm so happy we have stayed in touch, and I sincerely feel him as being one of my great friends, and confidants. We talked for hours...catching up on everything from life, love, and fond memories from India. What a great guy. I can always count on him to keep it real...there aren't that many people I've come across that aren't afraid to ask some pretty big questions...but at the same time laugh at it all. What great qualities to posses.

My morning mysore sisters gave me the most lovely going away gift...a copy of the Tao Te Ching. Thank you...It's funny because in the last several days I had made a mental note wanting to pick up a copy to read and about ladies are good!!!

Now its all about what to pack...hmmm...this isn't my forte. RW told me to lay everything out I want to take and only pack half...hahahaha...I'll see how that goes.

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