Let the Truth flash forth and then hold on to it and contemplate it. In this way, instead of living in your mental projections, you will learn to live in the experiences of the Truth.

~Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Spent much of the weekend moving. Had to clear out my storage unit, and other things over to my Dad's. I probably have less stuff than the average person, but still, somehow it seems like I have too much. While hauling boxes I didn't care about most of the stuff...except for my collection of books. I love my books. The interesting thing is, that I'm not entirely attached to them either...for many times I end up passing them along to friends and acquaintances. I found myself going through many of them...becoming nostalgic or inspired by those that I've read or haven't gotten around to reading.

However, with all the moving, hauling, and was enough to desire only to owning one bag and my yoga mat. Hahaha.

How do we accumulate so much? When I donated some of it...I felt felt good not to be weighed felt good to lighten my load a bit more. father and I managed to get everything moved...thankfully. I worried about my dad however... because he has the body type of an Indian ascetic...but tons of energy it was all good.

I still can't believe that by the end of the month I'll be in another distant land that I know nothing about. Off to a place that is wide open in front of me, where I will only have me and God's grace to lean on...and of course all the friendly people I will meet too.

Sometimes I shake my head...wondering if I'm crazy...always choosing the path of the most uncertainty...always choosing the path that feels a bit uncomfortable, but at the same time exhilarating. All I know is when surrendering to something greater than myself...the opportunity presented itself. There was no need to grasp. It chose me. I didn't choose it. I have faith that if I continue to release to the greater grace at work I can relax into what I was meant to do, while first being that which I am.

Practice Notes:

Something is happening. However, I can't put my finger on it. Again, just observing the changes and listening. Didn't make it as far into 3rd as I would have liked. I'm just gonna have to start earlier or something. No worries though. Progress is slooow...but steady, the way it should be at this point.

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