Clearing Out


"We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing."

~ Mother Teresa

Entering deeper into March, the shala is beginning to empty out, and as the end of the month approaches, Sharath will be taking a due break from teaching at KPJAYI to begin touring. So, with that being said, it isn't as crowded, compared to the previous months. Which is nice. There's a more intimate feeling.

This month I've been laying pretty low. Conserving my energy for the coming months. I never imagined that my life would have become so transient. But, I can't complain, I enjoy it. I love traveling. I love discovering new places, and coming back to those I've grown to appreciate.

I've finally come to a place where I'm understanding the utmost importance of balancing my energy. How much I expend out ward. How much I need to fill up inward. With teaching, striking a balance is important. Looking back, I can see how I burned the candle on both ends when I first arrived to Taiwan. At least with living, there is learning, and I can move forward with more awareness.

Also, I've started volunteering at a local orphanage to simply spend time with the children. They are absolutely precious, and all they need is Love. My first day I was a bit overwhelmed, because right away some of the toddlers were climbing all over me. Full on energy! However, when I returned for my next day I found myself anticipating seeing those I connected with. It's amazing just how fast I've become attached. Literally, I could take so many of them home with me...but, I don't really have a home, 'home' at the moment.

Oh yeah, and I've finally started driving my scooter again after my accident. No biggie. But, it really put me into a scare. I was clipped by a speeding motorcycle, and I swear I had an angel of mercy looking over me, because I walked away with only a few bloody scrapes. I've thanked my lucky stars many a times after that. But, there comes a time, through the fear, you gotta get back into the saddle.

Made an appointment with a local Ayurvedic doctor that comes highly recommended too. I'm finally gonna get my dosha thing sorted out. I have a good idea what my constitution is, but I'd like to learn more ways to balance.

Ok. Time for bed. Thank God for moon days. I get to sleep in tomorrow. NICE.

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