Panchakarma Day Three


Abhyanga ~ Herbalized Oil Therapy ~ A gentle synchronized full body massage with individually selected herbalized oils which is the foundation of all panchkarma treatments, both purificatory and pallative. This is a warm-oil massage given by two specially trained technicians who work in tandum on both sides of the body. Abhyanga usually uses seasame oil, which, which penetrates the pores of the skin loosening impurities and toxins. The oils are concentrated with herbs and are metablolized by the whole body.

Swedana ~ Herbalized Steam Therapy ~ Stimulates the sweat glands and lymphatic system, increasing the elimination of toxins and stregthening the immune system. Herbalized Steam Treatment uses a special heat chamber that allows the head to remain cool, herbalized steam bath opens the body's channels (organ meridians) allowing loosened impurities to move into the digestive tract in readiness for their removal by interal cleaning procedures such as virechana (herbal purgation) and basti (enema).

Third day and I'm feeling much better since I didn't have to take another course of ghee this morning. Thank God!

So, today and for the next three days, I'll be doing Abhyanga followed by Swedana. Nice.

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