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Being in the flow means you must be flexible in order to stay with it. Flexibility is the first sign of youth. Rigidity or solidification of thought, word, or deed immediately sets one into the distracting eddy currents and beaches the soul.

~ excerpt from Amazing Grace, by David Wolfe and Nick Good

Sundays...Lead second series. A time where you literally feel as if you've been chewed up, swallowed, regurgitated, and spit out. Okay. I exaggerate, but it can be an intense class. Scary and fun at the same time. That's why I love it. I walk in one way, and walk out totally different. Yeah, I may practice the same set of postures in Mysore class, but somehow it doesn't make a bit of difference. It's a whole new experience. Which, I feel is good. It doesn't seem to make a bit of different how long I've practiced second series either. Lead second, at the Shala, is a whole other animal. Facing the intensity, while being present is always exhilarating. Total surrender to the count. Total surrender to the energy is nothing less than a welcome challenge. A time to dig deep. Connect, even when it feels like a massive charge is coursing throughout the body.

I ask myself. Can I leave it all here? On my mat. Can I be fully present with what is, even when there is pain or discomfort? Can I take everything in? I mean everything. No holding back, and be with what is. No excuses.

With the breath being my guide...Yes...I can carry on, and move with intelligence.

May seem hard to believe, but on two occasions, total surrender, I've been spontaneously healed. I owe it to the Grace of the practice. And, have learned, that when focusing on the greater whole...focusing on Wholeness...versus focusing on what may be going 'wrong'...there seems to be a culmination of available energy that aligns everything just as it should. Seems unbelievable? Well, may sound like it. However, why have we lost our belief in the miraculous? It's all around. It's in everything and it's everywhere. This isn't something to believe in...this is something we must come to know, on every level.

Through the fire of the practice, we burn away impurities, physical, emotional, and spiritual. An alchemy of sorts. We aren't attaining something. We are stripping down to our True selves. For, that is what's within, as we peel back the layers, and get in touch with our own spark and light.


There is always a new place to go. A new place to discover and grow. As we shed the layers, we become lighter.

We expand.

This is what's exciting.

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