The Force


The Force is a feeling experience. You can feel it physically, but our real relationship with it is in a mystical realm..........As we develop a positive, constructive relationship with The Force, we get out of thinking and into feeling. We can feel so much more wonder in nature with our souls than we can see with our eyes. We can actually feel the vaulted beauty of nature, and we can truly "find tongues in trees, books in running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything."

~ excerpt from Amazing Grace, by David Wolfe & Nick Good

Feelings. Intuition. Insight. Prophecy. The forces that connect the invisible realm with the visible. The more I discover. The more I come to understand that the invisible aspect of ourselves is where the real juice is. I can read a million books. I can study hundreds of theories. I can earn multiple degrees. But what have I acquired? An a abundance of knowledge, maybe. But does knowledge bring empowerment? Possibly to some extent. But, what I'm talking about is wisdom. The inner spark of knowing that every human being is born with.

Living without connecting to the invisible force is like a sailboat chartering without wind in its sails.

We come alive. We become inspired. When we can simply let go to the Force that envelopes us.

It has taken time for me to fully trust. And, sometimes still, I have my doubts, if I am to be brutally honest. However, more and more, the spark inside, is voicing itself loud and clear. There comes a time when it simply cannot be ignored. For, why deny the Truest part of myself? The energy expended to be in a state of denial makes no sense.

I've stepped into the unknown. Yes. It is scary. But, when releasing what seems solid, but is only an illusion...the material identifications...we step into a realm. The invisible. And, we find that what we thought was real was not...and what this vast space carries with it, is more Love than our little minds can fathom.

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