Yogini's Quest meets Peaceloveyoga


If there's a perfect design to everything then it's become perfectly clear as to why I became friends and roommates with Yogini's Quest, my partner in crime, Tiffany. We met through blogging...kept in contact, and viola...we hung out in Mysore, India together. Two Ashtanga yogini's simply trying to keep it real.

Seriously, I gotta give my girl props. I love her openness and generosity...a free spirit with so much love to give. Tiff, you truly are one of a kind. And, you have the bendiest back I've ever seen...hahaha...(Can we get f*cking real?).

I'm so happy I met you!! Sad to see you go, but I know our paths will cross again...and for sure, we'll be in touch.

All the best!!

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