"Salvation of the world depends on me."

~ A Course in Miracles, Lesson 186

"Link arms with those who are going to push you to the next level, who uplift your spirits every time they see you and you see them. Meet people who are bigger than you, think bigger, act bigger. By "bigger," we mean individuals of lofty consciousness, language, and achievements. Consider the thoughts that are inspired within you while in the presence of such individuals. But make sure they are "the real deal." As long as they astonish you with their commitment to love and dedicate their lives to the betterment of themselves and the salvation of the world from ignorance, then they are the real deal."

~ Amazing Grace, by David Wolfe & Nick Good

Slowly getting organized for my eventual departure. Wanna be a bit more proactive this go around so I don't feel like I'm scrambling at the last minute. But also, I wanna continue to be present here and enjoy my last 10 days. Simple balancing act.

Had another lovely practice this morning. Tomorrow will be the last Mysore class with Sharath, before his long overdue break. Thursday moon day. Friday lead Primary. Next week Sarawati will be the only one in the shala.

I've come to a place of utter appreciation. I continue to count my lucky stars. I feel a huge sense of gratitude for having the opportunity to practice at KPJAYI. I've deepened into a whole new place. The process...the journey, has enriched the meaning behind why I continue down this path. Amazing how there is always a new place to go. Always uncharted territory to discover.

Resumed volunteering at the orphanage this week. I have to do a bit of disciplining when the children act out or about to do something to hurt themselves. I'm really in for it if I ever I have kids. They simply don't take me seriously at all. Absolutely hilarious. I really don't mind however, I don't like being the bearer of bad news. I just like to have fun with them. They're some of the most lovable children I've come across in a long time. They soak in everything you could possibly give them. In the simplest way. It's extremely sweet. Love is the only thing needed.

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